Perpetual Vision


  Building Better Business Solutions

Perpetual Vision (tm) is an exceptional Business Information Manager (BIM) which tracks Business and Accounting information through relational technology and “round robin linking” to support “wrap around” service.

The Desk Pad interface featuring “VisionView (tm)” technology is designed to allow interaction with all other aspects of the business process and accounting functions. By utilizing Objective-Oriented Management (OOM) techniques the user is focused on managing business objects, such as Companies and Products while at the same time performing typical business processes such as taking phone calls, shipping orders, etc. Facilities to improve communication efforts within an organization are key components of Perpetual Vision with the goal of better customer service and business management in mind. And it is customized to integrate an organization’s business processes and data with Customer Management, Contact Management, Conversation Management, Product Management, Accounting, Reporting, and more…enhance your vision with Perpetual Vision.

Using the latest technologies from companies like Microsoft (tm) and others we are building new interfaces for business solutions using our Perpetual Vision that allow it to be custom made just for your business. Whether creating simple office integration or full-blown Client/Server accounting and order entry applications, Perpetual Vision will build complete business solutions.


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"Building Better Business Solutions"